Good morning workshop participants,

As we are heading into another busy conference summer, I thought the timing is just about right to send you a quick update.

Newsletter Format

Thank you very much for the positive feedback you sent for the newsletter idea. I think the format might be the best suited to keep everyone in the loop about workshop dates while also helping us to keep an up-to-date participant list throughout the events. I will give any future host access to the newsletter platform so they can use it for their event communication without worrying about forgetting anyone or duplicated mails.

You are receiving this newsletter as you have participated in one of the workshops, not because you signed up for it, so of course you can opt out of it at any time via your settings on or the the unsubscribe link you can find in each newsletter email.

As you can see, each newsletter segment now sports a "Comments" button that will lead to a corresponding forum entry on the website. If there is anything you want to add to any given topic, don't hesitate to do so!

While the purpose of this newsletter is to inform about the workshop series itself, it doesn't need to be limited to it. It could also feature articles or opinion pieces about current developments in the world of games and localization you would like to present and discuss with your peers. If you have a topic in mind or even would be interested in taking over some editorial responsibilities, please let me know and I will give you admin access to system - any help would be greatly appreciated :>

GLQAM Page Redesign

The page itself received a major face-lift. Even though I way to proud about the (real-time rendered!!) polygon animation on the front-page, there are a couple of new features that might come in handy. and features and useful features
The dashboard is now a straight-forward Facebook-like timeline with a couple of sidebar widgets.
One of them is the "L10n Events" calendar, which shows dates for upcoming industry events. I imported them from Nimdzi and the GALA website.
It is possible for you to make entries to the calendar yourself - whether it is a get-together you are organizing or simply an event you want to share with your peers. You can find the link to the submission form in the dashboard sidebar.
create event
Access to the group pages and any related materials (presentations, summaries, etc.) had to be granted for each event by its respective host, separately from the website access itself. At the last conference call with all the former hosts we have decided to lift this restriction in favor of easier accessibility.
Access to the member pages of is only granted to actual workshop participants, which means this shared access is between people "you" know in person. The content remains inaccessible to any logged-out users. Let me know what you think about it.

Supercell Workshop Notes

An immediate result of this new policy is me being able to share Ruzena's summary notes for the workshop at Supercell. Thank you very much for the effort, Ruzena!

If you haven't been to Helsinki or want to refresh your memory, you can check out the notes on the Supercell Group Page.

Upcoming Events

Some of you have contacted me about the next workshop events, and while I cannot announce a definite date yet, I can confirm that I am having a couple of conversations with potential hosts at the moment. As anyone who attended the workshop in Helsinki will remember, an upcoming opportunity might be Friday the 28th of June, the day after the Games Quality forum in Amsterdam. We will have a call with Susan from GameHouse later today and maybe we can get a bit more specific afterwards. It would be really helpful if you could signal your interest for participating that day already!
Please let me know in the Comments or on Slack about any suggestions or ideas you might have for the newsletter format or the workshop in general!

Have a great weekend!