Good morning participants,

Additionally to the last newsletter, here some reminders and additional info for today's event.
  • All links required can be found on the event page. You can only access it, if you are logged into your account. Please check in if you can access the page now. If you are having trouble logging in, please make sure you have tried to log in using your Email address and Linkedin as some of you have registered using both methods, and try to use private/incognito modes of your browser.
  • Please make sure your tech is in order now so we can save time on troubleshooting A/V issues later.
  • The event page has been updated with a bunch of additional features. If you have successfully logged into your GloW account, I recommend you to
    help making networking and getting to know each other a bit easier and update your profile with a representative image, or simply use a selfie with the “Take Photo” function in your profile settings.
  • And since you are already on the page, please submit your answers for the general poll questions on the event page so we have the chance to discuss them during the workshop if relevant. You can also send me your suggestions for additional poll questions that we will then add to the pool after day 1 and 2.
  • Make sure to log into Slack before the start of the Zoom session.
Looking forward to this afternoon!