Dear colleagues,

I hope you are all enjoying a very safe summer and have been looking forward to our upcoming GloWorkshop "at" EA. Only a couple of weeks until Next Steps and from the looks of it, Cristina will host a lively event as plenty of you have already registered. The preliminary agenda of the workshop has been updated, feel free to check it out to get a better idea of what the three days will look like.
Because this is our first virtual meetup, there is a bit of important organizational info I wanted to share with you in this newsletter.

Workshop Registration

  • Because we need to account for the capacity of our video conferencing platform, we have set the event registration deadline for August 14th.
  • Please make sure that you or any colleague have successfully registered for the event by that point of time. Registering for a user account and registering as workshop participant are two separate procedures - please make sure you have done both. Please feel free to contact Cristina or me in case of any technical difficulties.
  • We want to keep the online format of the workshop as close to the original as possible, so participants get the chance to connect with each other alongside the presentations. As such, your participation must entail taking part in all three event days. Please contact Cristina or me if you have registered already and this has become impossible for you to ensure.
  • On the day of the event, registered participants will find all relevant links for any platform or tool required on the event page.

Video Conferencing

  • We have looked at the solutions of other online events and considered several options, but in the end we decided to simply stick with Zoom as our primary video conferencing tool as it has the widest reach. Please ensure that you have installed the Zoom client prior to the event and test your mic/video setup.
  • Sessions will be recorded and made available for participants to watch after the event, but not published outside of that group.
  • When talking or participating at other online events, we found it most unsatisfactory not having any kind of visual feedback of the audience. This is why we that all participant video feeds will be enabled by default, which hopefully brings us one step closer to the feeling of actually being in one room together. So, get your fancy backgrounds ready and prepare to see your fellow workshop peers!

Participant Chat

  • As we are all work in localization, I think we can agree on one thing: Always consider stuff breaking. Which is why we will use our good old GloWorkshop Slack as fallback in case something goes wrong on Zoom, but also as general chat platform. I have created the channel #nextsteps for that, please make sure that you have joined by August 24th!
  • A bunch of people have joined our community only recently and might not have signed up for the GloWorkshop Slack yet. In order to make the invite process a bit more immediate, GloWorkshop users can now get access via this button on the Dashboard or right here:
slack button
And one more thing related to Slack: I have changed the URL and name of our Workspace to to match the website. Slack clients seem to automatically adopt the change, but if you are using a custom integration or cannot log in anymore, please make sure to update your settings to the new URL.

And that's it! We are ready to go!

See you all in 19 days!

- Daniel