Dear workshoppers,

After talking with some of you after last week's workshop about alternative ways to keep everyone in the loop about future events, I added some newsletter functionality to and will use the opportunity of this #0 edition to answer some of the points we weren't able to finish because of time-reasons (after waiting for your feedback I will send an abbreviated version of this to past participants that didn't attend this time around).
The idea of the newsletter is to notify you about dates for upcoming events, which means its frequency should be rather low throughout the year. I have added the mailing list we have been sharing between host to host, which includes all past participants. In case you do not want to receive the newsletter, you can "unsubscribe" from it via the link at the end of this mail. If a new event is in planning, the newsletter will specify the respective sign-up form or contact email set by the host, who will hopefully have an easier time now to manage participants. If you are reading this and have never logged into before, you can subscribe using the link at the end of this mail in order to get on the newsletter mailing list. Once subscribed, you can also unsubscribe or manage your subscription.
Staying in touch
Some of you asked for some means to stay in contact and continue the exchange with fellow participants after the event. I feel that the two platforms we established as result of past workshops are pretty good for that purpose, but I think we can do a better job of incorporating them for future events so new participants are aware of their existence:

GLQAM Slack Channels ( - set up and administered by Jasmin (Nordeus). Plenty of channels for all kinds of l10n/qa-related topics already exist and are waiting to be used. If you haven't joined the workshop Slack yet, you need an invitation by any of the existing users (feel free to drop me a line).

GLQAM Website ( The workshop website has separate group spaces for all workshop events, each allowing their own sections for file/presentation sharing, discussions and member lists for networking. Signing up for the newsletter gives you access to the workshop page and vice versa. You can opt out from one or the other separately though. Because the topics discussed during each workshop are generally supposed to remain between its respective participants, you need to "request access to the group space of any workshop event you have participated (simply click on the respective group banner on the dashboard) the event host can confirm your request).

As it is the case for all web-based forums, the appeal of proactively using both platforms largely depends on the content available on them. It would be awesome if we could transfer some of the obvious excitement regarding our trade to them and keep the conversation going in between events, so please continue to discuss topics and share experiences. (Sidenote: If you have experience with Wordpress/Buddypress, Elementor or WPBakery, I would be happy to give you admin rights for you have ideas for any additions/changes.)
Sticking together
I had a bit of trouble trying a smooth lead-in to a more somber topic when talking about the idea of focusing on our skills as l10n/qa professionals. In the end we ran out of time and I didn't get to the point, but I feel strongly that having a conversation about it conversations must be possible among us, so let me at least mention it here:
In the days leading up to the event, Activision Blizzard has laid off hundreds of jobs at their offices worldwide. Apparently just about the same time when announcing record earnings to their shareholders, employees were brought into conference rooms and given the boot with immediate effect. While there certainly was a big of foreshadowing, the severity of the layoffs was unexpected for many. While the publisher parted ways with positions at all tiers and fields, it seems that service departments and customer care have been hit especially hard. Three colleagues from Blizzard that planned to join us for the workshop notified Silvio of being affected by the layoffs and cancelled the week before we met in Helsinki.
You probably agree that this is not a first and unfortunately not even that rare of an occurrence in the gaming sector. I don't want to comment or dramatize business practices either but instead suggest that by keeping each other in the loop about developments like this (by bringing it up on Slack or as news post on the group pages) we can potentially mediate openings to workshop participants. Yes, I agree its a bit of a stretch, but why not giving it a try if it doesn't require more than staying in touch and sticking together? ;)
What's next?
While we are still waiting for our next host to come forth, you have already suggested some great thematic ideas for future workshops - on the top of my head "people/expectation management" and the "quality standard workgroup" come to mind - and there are certainly plenty of others that can be explored. If you are already playing with the idea of hosting the workshop, just let the group know so the former hosts can support you with advice and support that might help you to answer remaining concerns.

Looking forward to your suggestions,