Dear colleagues,

I have been given strict instructions by Cristina in regards to the usage of the C-Word, and I am pretty sure that you as well are pretty tired of hearing it by now. I feel we are ready for next steps! Let's fast forward the ubiquitous current situation/the new normal/doom&gloom talk so I can welcome you - to the future!

Next GloW: August 24th - 26th, EA (remote)

The next Game Localization Workshop will be all about "what's next" in video-game localization and is hosted by Cristina/EA at the Monday of gamescom week, just as the years before. This first virtual edition of the workshop will look slightly different compared to the usual format - it is the future after all! Instead of taking up one full day, the agenda will be spread over three days, from August 24th-26th, which will make the technical setup more manageable and allow our colleagues in different time-zones to beam in. Should you be interested in joining the event, I would like to ask you not to overthink it and go over to to the event page and just register your seat now as we need to get an idea about what attendee scope we need to be prepared for. I will update the page with any new info in the upcoming weeks - please feel free to contact Cristina or me if you have an idea for giving a presentation or if you have any questions! On the day of the event, you will find all the info, links, etc. when logging into your user account on

New workshop expansion: Loclab

Lastly, I want to introduce you to a next step for the workshop: For most of us, the biggest draw of GloW events has always been their independence from the "usual" localization industry conferences and its potential bias on what might be the right solution for our needs. This comes at the price of workshops only being open to end-users/clients. However, that doesn't mean that tool & service providers are not a topic, as they are obviously essential components of our processes, so when they come up it isn't possible for us to query them and learn about their suggestions and incentives in that moment. This leaves at least some open questions about certain areas in our discussions and we have been wondering how to include provider voices to be able to consider all aspects of our work - but on our turf, so to speak.
We came to the realization that this isn't really possible without diluting the premise of the workshop, so we won't change a thing about its door policy. Instead, we are going to try and outsource the concept into its own workshop-style webinar series, Loclab! There is a lot more info about the idea and what it will look like in practice on I would like to do a first session in the next 2-3 months, so if you are interested please register to get an invite as soon as we have a date. The format is still very much WIP, so if you have any suggestions or even want to help me with organizing it, please send me a line!

As you know, the workshop is free of charge and solely depends on motivating the people that spend their time on organizing it by you showing your interest in it. So, even though your schedules might still be up in the air at this point and dates are not entirely certain, please register/sign-up now - you are not committed to anything after all.

Boy, those are a quite a few steps! So, no matter when and how we will be able to have things done like we did in the past, the future for our game localization community looks bright I'd say!

Looking forward to your feedback.

Stay happy,