Dear colleagues,

The first month of the new year really flew by - about time we get together for some more L10n-Talk, don't you agree? Well, you won't have to wait much longer: As you know, our next workshop will take place in less than a month at Hi-Rez Studios in Brighton. A bunch of you have already signed up and it is not too late for you to do so as well. Host Estelle told me that there are still some seats available so if you are interested, head over to the event page to register:

Speaking of which, the event pages for our past events at EA and Goodgame have been updated and now include presentations, speakers and the day's agenda. Even though our meetings take place behind closed doors, this way our presenters can have some positive professional "SEO" for their efforts similar to when speaking at a commercial event. Naturally everyone involved has been and will be contacted in advance and I leave it up to the presenters if they want to be mentioned on the event archive page in any way. I will always link any listed presenter to their Linkedin pages by default, just let me know if it should redirect somewhere else. It actually would be neat to give any of the past event's pages a similar facelift, but will wait until I had the time to speak about this with some of you. Thank you Cri and Clara for helping me with collecting the info.

Have a great week everyone!