Good morning dear colleagues,

It was planned as a swift and smooth operation - domain, web server and links were supposed to switch to their new formats simultaneously - but unfortunately the road to the new home turned out to be a bit more bumpy than I would have hoped. That said, I think everything is now more or less in order, so I hereby declare "GLQAM - The Game Localization & QA Management Workshop" as officially rebranded to "GloW - The Game Localization Workshop"!

Apart from the new domain,, and obvious design template changes, the community portion of the website has basically been completely replaced with a leaner Facebook-esque social wall, group features and fancy new ways for workshop hosts to showcase and manage their events. There's a bunch of other things to explore, like the instant video-chat meeting room ("Meet" in the main menu) accessible to all registered workshoppers, so feel free to check them out and send me your feedback.

Goodgame Workshop

On Friday, Goodgame Studios welcomed the workshop in their beautiful Hamburg headquarters. I am sure all participants agree that Clara and her team did an outstanding job in putting together and hosting a wonderful workshop. I really enjoyed its agenda - from learning about the challenges of implementing gender-neutral variables in FIFA to blushing when being mentioned at a presentation about annual game localization events.
I am hoping that we will be able to share some of the content that was presented and discussed on the event page. for people who were unable to join this time. Stay tuned for more updates!

Next Up: Hi-Rez Studios

As announced at the end of our workshop in Hamburg, we already have a first date in the new year for the next event. Estelle from Hi-Rez Studios is inviting us to Brighton on March 5th 2020 and has already provided the full agenda! This workshop will take a bit of a different approach, as Estelle plans to ask participants to actively shape the outcome of the day by contributing to one of the game localization key subjects she has outlined.
You can register for the event now on the workshop page (seats are limited to 25).

Linkedin Group + Finding New Participants

One of the trickier parts of organizing these workshops has been "locating" potential participants at game companies none of us has on the radar. There have been workshop debutants at all the events this year who were very happy about somebody telling them about it and who were surprised that the series has actually been around for almost 5 years now. This is why I feel having the workshop show a bit more "presence" might help us to connect with some of the remaining lone stragglers, which is why I have created a Linkedin group for GloW I want to maintain as a projection to our website. If you are connected with me, I have invited you to it. Of course, feel free to ignore it if you want to keep your association a secret. Also please let me know if you have any other ideas!
Only a few days separate us from the turn of the year, so let me be among the first to wish you some relaxing happy holidays and a Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr. 2019 was an incredible year for the workshop, not only because we had three full events, but also because we have started to diversify the format a bit and were able to get more specific about individual topics of interest. I hope you feel the same when I say I am very much looking forward to what 2020 has in store for GloW :)

- Daniel